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Try Something New

I've been gone/inactive for a while, and it's with good reason. In August, I started taking online classes at The John Marshall Law School (UIC-JMLS) to attempt to obtain a Master's Degree in Intellectual Property Law. It has been an arduous journey, to say the least, but I've learned quite a bit from the courses that I'm taking, and this is all to bring better services to my clients.

Pursuing something new is never easy, and has often caused me to second-guess my choices, but I can't always play it safe. The same goes for the different business ventures that I'm considering getting into. The entrepreneurial field seems so saturated because almost everyone was already doing what you're looking to get into (photography, modeling, online boutique, event planning, etc.) but don't let that thought keep you from trying something that has the potential to be successful. Also, don't feel bad if something you're currently pursuing doesn't work out. It's ok to drop it, and start over.

-Ryan @ Revel 2


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