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My name is Ryan and I'm the owner and operator for Revel 2, LLC. I am a true "Southsider," born and raised in the Chatham-Avalon community. I started building Revel 2 a few years ago, and became an official LLC in June of last year. I created Revel 2 because, as a young, Black professional, I wanted to still go out and have a good time, network with other young, Black professionals, and not be forced to do these things in a nightclub (lol). I phased out of the Chicago Nightclub Scene, but I was still a little too young to be in those "old people" lounges getting hit on by someone's granddaddy. So I wanted to start curating events for people who fell in that "in between" category: educated, business-oriented Black people and other people of color that still wanna "turn up" every now and then, and I want to use a network of Black-owned event spaces, caterers, decorators, etc. to create these experiences for Black people to enjoy safely. So that's the event and party planning side of Revel 2. The Brand Management side came along when a good friend of mine (and now, client), Lina, asked me a number of questions and sought advice from me regarding her brand and blog, Mighte Made It. I'm glad that she felt comfortable enough to seek this advice from me to grow her following and her brand, so I felt confident enough to offer these services to other niche brands and emerging influencers who are just looking for a little guidance in increasing their social media presence, as well as honing in on the content they want to put out for their followers. While I'm no "Guru," I am aware that my advice and assistance is in the right place to help those who are looking to make their brands or content greater.

I'm forever teaching myself new things to bring to my business, so you can be sure that everything that I research and implement is for the brands/companies/influencers that I work with, and nothing will be stale or old-fashioned.

Stay tuned for more, and thanks for reading.

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