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About Revel 2:

Revel 2, LLC - a modest event planning, brand management and consulting firm - is the brainchild of Chicago native and owner, Ryan Ray.

What makes Revel 2, LLC from other companies? It's creatively unconventional and will represent people in the culture in the best form. Revel 2 is interested in people and things that are outside of the norm, and bring it to the public's attention for more exposure (the Brand Management & Consulting portion of the firm), and create events and spaces for professional people of color can exchange ideas, socialize, and to be seen and appreciated by the culture (the Event Planning portion of the firm).

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Revel 2's event planning services is 2-tier: private event planning for clients such as birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversary parties, etc.; and events and parties curated by Revel 2, such as holiday parties, workshops and seminars, etc. The mission of Revel 2, LLC is to create unique experiences  for professional People of Color for a variety of special occasions. We DO NOT assist with wedding planning and coordination.

Consulting and Management: 

More than Hashtags

Effectively assisting Black businesses, Black creatives, and Creative People of Color (CPOC) with their brand and business is important in maintaining and protecting the culture as a whole. Revel 2 is a reflection of the clients we serve.

Event Coordination 

Meet the Owner


Ryan Ray

Owner, Principal Planner and Consultant

Ryan graduated from Chicago State University with a B.A. in English, and has never let anything limit her from pursing her own business. She is chic, savvy, knowledgeable, fun-loving, and hard-working when it comes to fulfilling her passions. Ryan plans to establish herself as a unique Event Planner and Publicist to emerging Creatives of Color and be a reliable resource in both the Event Planning industry and in the field of Brand Management for emerging social media influencers and online brands, entertainers, artists, and the like.

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